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General Merchandise

A. Commodities

Rice, Sugar, Edible Oils, Halal Processed Foods, Mineral Water.

B. General

Building Materials, Nanotechnology applications for various industrial & private sectors, Tinted window film for Automobiles, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Plasti Dip applications on
Automobiles (Exterior & Interior), Buying & Selling of Used Cars, Car Polishing and Carrosserie (Paint & Body Work).

C. Information Technology Solutions

Development of Software for Import & Export Companies, Finance Companies, Hospitals, Reality and Travel & Hospitality industry.

D. Smart Cards

For various applications such as National IDs, ATM Cards, Bank Credit Cards, Bank Debit Cards, e-Entertainment, e-Gate, e- Government, e-Healthcare, e-Passport, e-Pharmacy, e-Shopping.

E. Financial Advisory Services

Consultancy services on Foreign Exchange Currencies: SPOT - FORWARD - OUTRIGHT - SWAPS, Documentary Credits (Letters of Credit), UCP 600 (ICC-Paris), Letters of Guarantee, Documentary
Collections (Negotiable Instruments), Financial Portfolios and Financial Accounting.
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General Merchandise
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