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Menu "Specials"
"Snicker Dooby Doo" Dark Chocolate cake – Snicker center – Chocolate-Peanut butter cream-cheese frosting
"Oh-reo" Dark Chocolate cake – Oreo cookie center –Oreo cookie cream cheese frosting
"Choca Choca Choca" Dark Chocolate cake – Chocolate cream cheese frosting and Oreo cookie crumbs
"Choco Chanel" Dark Chocolate cake – Vanilla cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes

"24 Carrot Gold" Carrot cake – Vanilla cream cheese frosting
"Birthday cake" Vanilla cake – Chocolate cream cheese frosting
"Cinnful" vanilla cake – Cinnamon cream cheese frosting and cinnamon dust
"Caramel-Sutra" Vanilla cake – Caramel toffee center – Vanilla cream cheese frosting drizzled with caramel saffron sauce

"The Speculator" Vanilla cake – Speculoos cookie crumble center - Vanilla cream cheese frosting
"Lady in red velvet" Red Velvet Cake – Vanilla Cream cheese frosting
"La Dolce vita" Coconut cake- pineapple preserve center- passion fruit butter cream frosting and a cocktail cherry
"Nutty Professor" Banana-peanut Cake–chocolate-peanut butter cream cheese frosting and chocolate drizzle
"Cleopatra" Orange Cake – Chocolate-Chili cream cheese frosting

The Purpose
There is no better way to enjoy life’s sweetest pleasures than by biting into a delicious spongy piece of cake, frosted with a dreamy creamy frosting. The mission of this project is to remind people to take a break from their daily realities of life, and reward themselves a well earned sweet treat, in the form of a cupcake. With its delicately moist, and fresh variety of cake and dressed with a swirl of frosting on top, Sugarina™’s cupcakes elegantly presents a bite size piece of sheer pleasure, leaving your taste buds craving for more, more, and MORE.
Sugarina™ offers freshly baked cupcakes prepared daily, combining fresh, local and natural ingredients, to create a culinary burst of flavours. It provides an opportunity to relish sweets moderately in small portions, so you can have your cake and still eat it. At Sugarina™ we take your dietary needs and transform them into a form of culinary art, suited for each taste bud and pallet.
So go on, sweeten your life a little bit more … one cupcake at a time … at Sugarina™

Inspired by a passion to bake and combine unique flavors together, we at Sugarina™ create pure, delicious, uncomplicated treats from scratch, all handcrafted from the best ingredients, bringing the tradition of simple and satisfying desserts to our customers. The motivation and drive for this project is fueled by the founder’s passion for preparing desserts and creating culinary delights with the aim of serving customers culinary satisfaction and value, whilst inspiring others across the country and world to live their passions.

The Objective
To offer affordable portion-sized indulgences baked with the freshest, natural and locally sourced ingredients, like organic eggs, butter and fair-trade products, bringing out the traditional homemade taste.

The Business Concept
This innovative business concept shall commence on an online platform – as an “e-bakery” based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A menu with the classic and customizable cupcakes will be available online for customers to browse as well as allow customers to “create” their own personalized cupcakes. Furthermore, photos of the specials will be posted online for visualization purposes. Sugarina™ caters to your special day; parties, themed events, conferences, birthdays and weddings. Got a last minute craving? Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you - subject to availability on short notice.
Perfect for a party, or without needing any occasion at all, Sugarina™ Signature cupcakes are ordered in increments of six. You can create your own individual sweet treat boxes of six, twelve and twenty-four cupcakes.  

Orders can be placed via email or phone ( / +352 661 340 400) and should be placed at least 48 hours (2 business days)* in advance. Orders for large events (24+ cupcakes) should be placed no less than 5 business days / 1 business week in advance of the delivery/ collection date; for weddings as far advance as possible).
Cupcakes are freshly prepared on the day of delivery respecting all norms of hygiene, and can be consumed up to 3 days stored at room temperature in dry and cool place. Each order is clearly labeled with the ingredients used and the manufacturer and expiry dates are clearly indicated.  

The Cupcake Gallery (photos)




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